"Simplure not only reduced our power bill by 14% but our motors are also lasting much longer."

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About 10 years ago, an electrician who also did a lot of integrated circuit board repairs, was asked to look into fixing some power factor problems at a customer’s manufacturing facility. After researching traditional approaches to power factor correction, he wondered why no one was treating facilities as integrated systems as one might when designing integrated circuit boards. With that thought in mind, he began testing innovative approaches to power factor correction. Over time, he learned to recognize how components in one part of the system affected other parts of the system, and he developed methods for balancing KVAR consumption across the system while reducing it to insignificant levels. Power factor was vastly improved with an unexpected bonus; the magnitude of peak demand spikes was also reduced. Consequently, power bills were lower and more customers began asking for his services. 

In 2008, he decided to take his approach to a broader market and Simplure LLC was formed. The engineering staff was expanded and more sophisticated metering equipment (by Fluke) was acquired to support the engineering and R&D efforts. His processes for analyzing power quality problems and fixing them were formalized. Capacitive and inductive resources were further refined and productized to provide the range of tune-ability needed to properly “dial in” the power quality at a facility.

Today, Simplure manufactures power quality corrective devices that, when properly applied, will correct power factor to better than 98% in most cases, will reduce total harmonic distortion to virtually harmless levels, and will reduce the magnitude of peak demand spikes. More importantly, however, Simplure provides advanced, system level, power quality analysis and the engineering expertise to design, install and fine-tune highly effective solutions to power quality problems.


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