"Simplure not only reduced our power bill by 14% but our motors are also lasting much longer."

Randy Marriott Marriott Rock Products

Power Quality Consulting

Report with recommendations

Based on thorough analysis, our engineers prepare a comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations for improving the power quality and efficiency at your site. When followed, these recommendations will dramatically improve the power quality in your facility.

The report includes results from the analysis and explains the penalties you are incurring from your power utility company. It is not uncommon for power factor and demand penalties to account for 75% or more of your power bill.

Graphs from the analysis phase are included to help illustrate the current state of the system and the issues that need to be corrected.

The final section includes recommendations based on our engineered solutions. These might include wiring, equipment placement, startup and shutdown procedures, and the installation of power quality systems designed to correct specific problems.

The costs of implementation are also detailed – whether your electrician does the installation or you rely on our technical staff – and include estimates of cost savings over time. Our objective is to provide your facility an ROI of less than 24 months. 

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