"Simplure not only reduced our power bill by 14% but our motors are also lasting much longer."

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Power Quality/Efficiency Products

Simplure products and services help you make the most of the power delivered to your facility. Not only will your equipment run better, cooler and longer, but you will also be making more efficient use of the power you receive. As energy costs continue to increase, a little extra efficiency might be welcome.


  • Power Quality Analyses (facility audits)
  • Power Quality Engineering Services
  • Power Quality Product Installation Services
  • Power Quality Training

A Word about Harmonics Mitigation

Recent campaigns and incentives to install high-efficiency devices like electronic ballast lighting, Variable Frequency Drives, and other electronic controllers, coupled with the growing use of computers and UPS systems have dramatically increased the percentage of our power that is consumed by electronic loads. The result is a rapidly growing problem with harmonics in manufacturing facilities and commercial buildings. Harmonic rich environments  are destructive to power factor correction devices and to most of your electrical equipment. Our CleanPQ Series provides efficient and effective, system-wide harmonic mitigation at a very reasonable price and helps to assure that other power quality correction measures can be effective. 

Power Quality Clean-up Products

Our CleanPQ Series is available either in a 4-foot wall or floor mount cabinet or in an 8-foot floor mount cabinet. Unit size is determined through the pre-install analysis and takes into account load sizes, the orders and magnitudes of harmonic distortion, and the degree of power factor correction that is required. Our cabinets are wired in parallel with the distribution system and multiple units can be installed where more capacity is needed. Our products utilize only highest quality, harmonic hardened reactive resource components mounted in steel cabinets with active  cooling systems to maintain proper operating temperatures. Finally, our systems are self-regulating; automatically adjusting to changing loads through the course of your production cycles.  
Air filtration systems are available for high dust environments.

Fluke Power Quality Measurement Devices

If you are interested in learning to monitor your own power quality, we offer Fluke power quality products and training to our customers at competitive prices.